Prohibition in Brenham

Bootleggers, Baseball & Barbecue: Brenham in the ‘20s
In 1920s Brenham, Ethnic Germans, the Ku Klux Klan and area minorities came together for a Reconciliation Barbecue, forging the way for an amicable future

The country was heady with prosperity. The music was effervescent. Romance reigned. Skirts went from long to short, and stockings were rolled down partway in a risky break with Mom’s Victorian mores. Women dared to wear makeup and bob their hair. Men donned raccoon coats, even in Texas.

Cars had running boards. With Prohibition came speakeasies, bootleggers and illegal, sometimes lethal, homemade hooch.

Inside a diamond drawn in bright white chalk lines on hard-packed dirt, a brilliant field of green took center stage as baseball, that most glorious and pastoral of all American games, became a national passion.