Thanks for bringing your idea to Texas PBS. We strive to present locally-produced television programming that reflects Texas communities. Our stations both broadcast original content and help facilitate the national release of completed films and TV shows.

Find A Local Station Partner

The most effective way to work with us to bring your program to a Texas audience is to first partner with a station. Not all stations are equipped to shepherd independently-produced projects but start with the station in the community where you are working. There are countless partnership opportunities from screenings to community engagement events that stations can design to help get the word out about your film.

Learn more about Texas stations to find the best station for your partnership.

Review Process

Each station has its own process for determining which projects will fit station needs and priorities. Stations typically do not have funding set aside for production costs, but can supply in-kind services and fundraising support for approved projects. There are also a number of Texas and national grant opportunities that stations can help you learn more about.

Each station determines its local schedule independently. While Texas PBS can help producers build awareness of their projects, there are no guarantees that stations will schedule the program.

Let Us Know About Your Project

Once you have developed a local partnership with a station, let us know about the film and we can help with statewide and national distribution.