Mortgage Crisis: Stopping Scams

Mortgage Crisis

It’s a growing problem in Texas: Homeowners facing foreclosure are losing their money — and their homes — to loan modifcation scams. Information is your best defense. If you see the signs of a scam and know the facts, you can protect yourself.

Texas PBS Stations teamed up with NeighborWorks America and the Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force to help draw attention to these scams. Homeowners need tools to help save their homes and not end up further in debt.

In January 2011, Texas stations aired a 30-minute program taped in front of a live studio audience at KLRU-TV in Austin. The program examines foreclosure prevention and helps alert homeowners to scams that are driving Texans further in debt.

Hear the story of the Zuniga family who nearly lost their house due to a mortgage scam. Following the airing of this program, the Zuniga’s lender agreed to a loan modification that saved the family home.

View the video.


For FREE loan modification guidance or to report a scam, call (888)995-HOPE or (888)995-4673.

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