Corporate sponsorship is much more than traditional advertising. It is a marketing opportunity that allows you to align your brand and products with the high impact of non-commercial public television. A sponsorship package can be tailored to compliment your marketing goals and to help ensure that you reach your target audience.


View some examples of on-air campaigns.

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts: Unclaimed Property Campaign

Learn more at claimittexas.org.

On-Air Sponsorship

For the first time Texas businesses and organizations have a way to reach 95 percent of the homes throughout the state.

Quality Audience

By including Texas PBS in your marketing campaign you send a message of quality to a broad audience of decision-makers and community leaders — an audience that will be more likely to choose you.

No other station or broadcast network is capable of helping you establish brand trust in this way.

What We Can Do For You

We will present your message to an audience that is the envy of the industry. Our viewers are brand loyal, affluent, educated and eclectic. They are leaders of their communities.

We restrict the amount of advertising in our programs; thereby ensuring your message stands out. It will not get lost in the clutter.

Building Brand Awareness

If you want to build your brand, inform the public about a product or service and create an association with one of the most trusted institutions in this country, contact us.

We’ll be happy to design a customized campaign to achieve your goals.