Project Partners

Texas in the Borderland would not have been told without the generous contribution from many partners.

The project was a collaborative effort where partners shared materials, data, photography collections and even film collections.

One of the key partnerships in this project was the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) an online archive that celebrates the state’s home movies, industrial films, television output, and regional cine-club product as well as Hollywood and internationally produced images of Texas. Valuable to state history, these films also serve an important collaborative role in the preservation and restoration of the larger motion picture heritage for the United States.

TAMI also worked with KCOS-TV in El Paso to build awareness for their film round-up event that gathered dozens of stories and film archives from El Paso citizens and families.

All film clips in the project come from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image.   TAMI works to archive and share film and video recorded in the state of Texas.  You can browse their archive online.  They also welcome the public to share film with them.  TAMI will make and keep a digital copy, and will return the original material to the donor.

Clips used in the project include four Prohibition-era films: