Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park

LBJ National Historic Park

LBJ conducted many meetings at his Texas ranch while he was president

The LBJ National Historical Park was created in 1969 less than one year after President Johnson left the White House. The site was a gift from the Johnson’s to the nation. It was donated at a time when this house was still their home.

“For Lyndon Johnson, I think the ranch was not only a place to recharge himself,” said¬†Park Ranger Russ Whitlock.¬†“But it was also the place where he was most comfortable. It was really home in every sense of the word.”

Park Rangers share the story of Johnson’s childhood and his presidency with a special focus on historic events that happened here. President Johnson flew home to the ranch more than 70 times during his five years in office. He governed the nation from this ranch and many important events of his presidency occurred on the ranch.

The historical park safeguards a piece of history but it’s also a place that’s very much still alive. All year, the park hosts events, summer films, a fall barbecue and a special bike ride to raise money to preserve and protect the ranch.

“One of the things President and Mrs. Johnson said with the donation is, ‘Don’t let it become sterile relic of the past. Keep is alive and vigorous and changing and people using it in a variety of ways’,” said Whitlock.

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