The National Parks of Texas: In Contact With Beauty

The National Parks of Texas: In Contact With Beauty, a 60-minute documentary film produced by Villita Media and Texas PBS, takes the viewer to the 16 national parks in Texas. Filmed over the course of one year, this documentary tells the inside story of new parks and parks that have been recognized since the 1940s. This Emmy-nominated film was presented to PBS stations by KLRN-TV, PBS for San Antonio. It was shot in collaboration with more than five Texas PBS stations.

The film is the basis for lesson plans and educational material about American history, science, math, geography and other subjects. This film tells the story of some of the state’s most treasured places. The documentary takes you to a diverse mix of sites where visitors can climb rugged peaks, kayak beautiful waterways, discover our state’s rich history and experience an endless choice of adventures.

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