Get your questions ready for Ron Rozelle!

Hello fellow readers!

I hope you are all getting your questions ready for Ron Rozelle – remember our web chat with him will be on Saturday, October 5th at noon!  Don’t miss it!

Remember, if you received a free copy, we ask that you participate in the web chat with Mr. Rozelle, or send in your questions early.

Here is the link to the webchat on Saturday:

Here’s what some others have had to say about Rozelle’s amazing work:

“Rozelle has never written a bad book . . . . My Boys and Girls Are In There ranks among his best. Its strength lies in Rozelle’s ability to personalize details. He presents the slender margin between life and death that day.”–Galveston Daily News

“Using oral histories, contemporary news reports, and legal documents, Rozelle vividly re-creates the tragedy in East Texas.”–Austin American Statesman

” . . . a sleeper hit . . . “–Dallas Morning News

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