Texas School Ready! Partnership

Texas PBS, Children’s Learning Institute, Child Care Associates, Texas Education Agency, and the Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition (TECEC) have partnered to explore “The State of School Readiness” in Texas.

The Texas School Ready! Summit brings together early education thought-leaders, policymakers and researchers to highlight achievements, explore current issues and raise awareness of many of the wonderful school readiness efforts and partnerships formed in local communities throughout Texas. Participants will also gain increased knowledge of successful research-based practices for improving school readiness in our youngest learners.

The first summit was held at KLRU studios in Austin, Texas. A second summit was held in San Antonio. The third summit held in January 2011 focused on autism and was held at KLRU in Austin.

Summit Speakers included:
•Chairman Mark Strama, Texas House of Representatives
•Commissioner Robert Scott, Texas Education Agency
•Dr. Grover “Russ” Whitehurst, Brookings Institution
•Dr. Bob Pianta, Center for the Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning
•Dr. Bruce Fuller, University of California at Berkeley
•Robert Lippincott, Senior Vice President for Education at PBS
•Dr. John W. Gasko, Children’s Learning Institute
•Kara Johnson, Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition (TECEC)

Speakers described the need for early care and education in our state, the current state of school readiness in Texas, and current national research on classroom best-practices. Viewers will also see multiple short films on successful Texas School Ready! programs from across the state.