Gifted and Talented

The PBS TeacherLine Gifted Education Awareness Campaign provides educators, parents and the business community with information about the need for and benefits of authentic, engaged learning for all students, including gifted/talented (G/T) students. PBS TeacherLine, the Texas Education Agency and Region 13 Education Service Center are partnering to explore ways to improve access to and services for traditionally underrepresented populations in gifted education.

To download and print PBS TeacherLine G/T campaign postcards, click here. If you’re interested in co-branding these postcards with your organization’s logo, contact PBS TeacherLine for additional files and image. Megan Ewing,

Through a comprehensive approach of messaging, the project spotlights successful G/T services, thus inspiring a greater awareness of gifted education.The PBS TeacherLine Gifted Education Awareness Campaign assists Texas school districts to improve their Gifted and Talented student services in all areas, including identification, professional development, curriculum and instruction, and family and community involvement. By featuring innovative methods of identification and spotlighting learning experiences through which students’ potential and growth can be developed, observed, and documented, the Awareness Campaign will inform and inspire a wider audience to support gifted education.

Our kids are normal. They just aren’t typical…
– Jim Delisle

Click here for the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) Goal for Service for Gifted Students

Learn more about the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students at